Heidi Kinney is a writer from Massachusetts who grew up with a notepad and pen at her bedside to capture her thoughts before they vanished. Although passionate about her writing, she kept it as a personal hobby and began her professional life as a secondary mathematics teacher. Years later, she moved a bit closer to her passion when she transitioned to the world of publishing as an editor for an educational publishing company. After the birth of her first son, she entered the freelance publishing realm, where she remained until the birth of her second son. Just a few months later, her world crumbled as she experienced the devastating loss of her husband to a malignant brain tumor. In the years that followed, she fought anxiety and depression as she lovingly raised her two boys. Writing aided in her healing and gradually rekindled her love of sharing thoughts, experiences, and lessons through words. Today, she uses her writing to inspire others to live happier and healthier lives.