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Navigating Life’s Storms: The Impact of Daily Choices

Before Tropical Storm Henri approached our area, I picked the nearly ripe tomatoes in our garden. I thought the high winds might knock them off their vines and cause damage. They now sit ripening on my kitchen table.

Looking at those tomatoes reminds me of the importance of storm preparation, but I’m not just talking about weather events. We need to prepare for the storms of life. A life storm could be an emergency with a friend or family member. Or it could be an unexpected financial need or health crisis. Life is full of storms. Unfortunately, unlike hurricanes, we can’t usually forecast a life storm. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare ourselves. Are you wondering how?

It begins with daily choices. Instead of staying up late and sacrificing the sleep we need to remain healthy, we can go to bed at a reasonable hour. Instead of eating a sugary snack that will spike and then drop our blood sugar level, leaving us tired and cranky, we can choose a healthier option. Instead of filling our heads with negativity and nonsense, we can read, watch, or listen to something else. You get the idea.

My encouragement to you is to choose one area in your life where you can improve your preparedness for the storms of life. Make one change or several. So the next time a storm comes, you’ll be ready for it.