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The Lego of Life: Embracing Progress One Brick at a Time

When my boys were young, they enjoyed playing with Legos. I have many fond memories of watching them transform piles of plastic bricks into wonderful creations. Sometimes they built pre-designed sets, carefully following a set of instructions. Other times, they used their imaginations to build something completely unique with whatever bricks they chose. Piece by piece, they placed the bricks, each one relying on the one laid before it.

As we enter another year, it is common to think of new beginnings. People tend to make resolutions and begin working toward new goals. Out with the old and in with the new. But what happens when the new doesn’t work out the way we hoped? Do we convince ourselves that all is lost? Do we give up? 

Thinking with an all-or-nothing mindset can lead us astray. Each day, or year, can certainly be a new beginning, but there is still value in what came before. Just like those Lego bricks, our lives are a building project. Piece by piece, we lay our bricks with our choices. All is not lost if you choose the wrong brick today. Tomorrow, and the days to follow, you can make better choices because you want your building to be strong.

Maybe your life doesn’t look the way you’d imagined, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going the way it’s supposed to. Unlike those pre-designed Lego sets, we don’t get to see a picture of the finished product ahead of time.

I encourage you to keep working toward your goals even when it feels hard. Every little brick you place today builds on the one placed the day before, and makes a way for the one you’ll place tomorrow.