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Embracing the Season You’re In

Fall in New England is a season of beauty and transition. From the porch where I sit, I can see summer flowers still blooming and trees with leaves of red and yellow. Soon the flowers will die and the trees will be bare. This is a time of change.

Our lives have seasons too. Sometimes we’re so busy that we forget everything is temporary. We become stressed and fall prey to unhealthy thinking. We falsely assume that our current struggles will last forever. A wise friend would often remind me of life’s seasons when my children were young. When I fretted about my kids or my responsibilities, she would tell me not to worry because it was just a season. She was right.

I encourage you to think about the season you’re in. Whether you’re in a difficult place or completely at ease, appreciate and embrace it because it will change before you know it. Focus on the current season, and don’t worry about the days ahead. Each season prepares the way for the next. You’ll be ready when it comes.