Looking Back and Running Forward: Discovering what it means to be broken

What does it mean to be broken?

We may not like to admit it, but we are all broken. Some of us spend our lives trying to compensate for our brokenness with overachieving behaviors. Sometimes we become convinced that our brokenness makes us unworthy of life’s blessings. We become anxious or depressed and seek the help of a professional, who confirms what we already suspect—we are broken. But what does that mean? Are we sentenced to a life of misery?

As an overwhelmed widowed mother of two young boys, Heidi Kinney was lost in a state of brokenness. Repeatedly, she desperately cried out in prayer for guidance, and deliverance from her suffering. A response to that prayer finally came, but not in the way she expected. The answer came as a question, and as a frightening challenge: Have you written your testimony?

Inspirational and tender, Looking Back and Running Forward is Heidi’s response to that perplexing question. She shares how her battle with anxiety, depression, and grief led to darkness and defeat. She then shows how God gradually opened her eyes to see herself differently, gave her a new understanding about what it means to be broken, and brought her to a place of strength and joy. Looking Back and Running Forward shows that brokenness can lead to triumph.

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