The inspiring true story of a woman who learned to redefine what it means to be broken.

Are you struggling with feelings of being broken? If so, Heidi’s story in Looking Back and Running Forward may offer you some comfort and encouragement. In this poignant memoir, Heidi shares her own journey of facing hardship and finding hope and healing.

When faced with the possibility of losing the man she loved to a brain tumor, Heidi refused to let her own mental health struggles hold her back. Instead, she bravely took on the role of caregiver, determined to love and support him with all her being as they fought the illness together.

But Heidi’s story doesn’t end there. As a grieving mother raising two young boys on her own, she faced a range of challenges and setbacks that sometimes made her doubt her faith. Through prayer and a newfound perspective, she discovered the power of choosing joy in the face of darkness.

Looking Back and Running Forward is a tender and uplifting story of resilience and hope. No matter what you’re struggling with, this book will remind you it’s possible to find joy and healing in even the most difficult of circumstances. Don’t allow your struggles to hold you back any longer—let this book inspire you to begin your journey towards a brighter tomorrow.